May 2016

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Many people in Tanzania live in poverty and without the prospect of a better future.

Unfortunately we are not able to help everyone.

But, we can provide sustainable support and give courage to those we are able to reach.

furaha means “joy and happiness” in Swahili. And that is exactly what we strive to achieve: Making people happy, providing them with a future - with your support. Every happy human spurs us on to work even harder.

“There is no first, second or third world!
We all live on the same planet for which we share equal responsibility.”


Our goals
We are regularly on site in Tanzania and maintain close personal contacts with the people and institutions we work with. Reliable local contacts support us in the selection of projects, where our help will be particularly effective. We select and support projects which are sustainable, viable and have an immediate effect. If people have a positive outlook then they are able to help to develop their own country. It is our aim to free people from poverty, providing them with opportunities and prospects which will give them a future. Every donation will be used for a specific purpose.

Thank you for your support.

We are fully committed to absolute transparency in relation to assigned funds.

Disabled people
Everyday needs